Artists: Perry El-Ashmawi


Raised by Egyptian parents, Perry El-Ashmawi grew up in the Middle East on the island of Bahrain. Passionate with everything, and anything, that is art-related, she attained her BA in Fine Arts in Montreal, Canada, majoring in Painting & Drawing.

She finds inspiration from the innovative styles of contemporary and urban art, such as graphic and graffiti illustrations.

Perry is currently residing in Dubai, exploring the art scene and taking on new opportunities that come her way.

Artwork Title: Hush-Hush

Hush-Hush was originally created for an art mural, to celebrate the opening exhibition of ‘Have You. Need You’ in 2012. The artwork was painted live outside the Al Riwaq Art Space in Bahrain. The exhibition was Perry’s first solo show, where she explored the theme of companionship, and it’s significance in social and emotional comfort.