Artists: Dilmuni Couple


Mariam Al Arab and Hussain Almosawi have been married and working together since 2012. They are passionate travelers, photographers, and artists.

They call themselves the "Dilmuni Couple" as a tribute to their country, Bahrain, which was once the cradle of the Dilmun civilization. This civilization lasted from 3200 to 330 BC and has been described as “the land of Eternity” and “the land in which the sun rises”.

Mariam and Hussain recently won the first prize for their installation at the 42nd Bahrain Annual Fine Art Exhibition. They also organize unique tours, sharing with others their love for Bahrain, in some very unusual and out-of-the-way places. Their ultimate dream is to travel full-time and document their inspiring adventures through a variety of artistic media.

Since Mariam is a BaniJamrah girl and since both are so enthusiastic about Bahrain's traditions and cultural heritage, it was natural that we had an immediate affinity. We started our collaboration with this "traces of paradise" seal design and it will be produced in a limited and numbered edition of 30 pieces.

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